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  • Amber Baldwin

Webcomic Materials

After making several pages for my webcomic so far, I've figured out the specific tools I enjoy!


Here is a photo of almost everything I use currently! Not pictured is misc. tools like a big ruler, masking tape, paint palette, and my paper!

For the paper, I use Arches cold press 100% cotton watercolor paper. I prefer the pads since I can work on multiple pages at a time, unlike the paper blocks.

Then, I sketch out everything with a Prismacolor Turquiose F pencil and kneaded eraser (unsure of brand). It's more of an old habit that I use this type of pencil, any other pencil works just fine as long as your marks don't get too dark and dent the paper.

When I ink, I primarily use Zebra disposable brush pens in extra fine (blue pen) and fine (gray pen). I ink most of the page with fine point since it has a huge range of line weight, while I use the extra fine pen is for details. If a detail ever gets too small, I'll use a 0.1 Pigma Micron (tan pen), but this is rare. Lastly, I use a Faber Castell 1.5 Pitt Pen (black pen) for panel borders. I like the consistent thick line weight it produces, making it perfect for bold but textured panel borders.

Any touchups or white details are done with white posca pens, in sizes medium 2.5mm bullet tip and 0.7mm X-fine tip. I occasionally use a 0.8mm Sakura white gel pen as well, but I've found that Posca pens are more reliable.

Lastly, all of the gray tones are added with watercolor! I use Da Vinci Lamp Black watercolor and variously sized water brushes from Molotow(clear brushes) and Pentel(blue brush). I also use a larger brush (probably a 2 in. wide brush, not sure of brand) to do a base coat of grey for the night scenes. I put the paint in a plastic palette and add water as needed while I work. I also keep lots of paper towels on hand for changes and cleaning the brushes.

I definitely recommend all of these tools if you want to try out a new art material. It's good to experiment, try new things, and find what works best for you! Thanks for reading! :D

Read Figgy and the Baker here!

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